i remember

when i was 15,

and i’d be in my bedroom

listening to the rock group

Rush on my turntable,

and i’d always

have the album jacket

in my lap while leaning

up against the wall on my bed

as i read the lyrics

when the music played.

i listened to them

all the time.

i was always intrigued

by their substance

in their words.

if you wonder why

i like words,

this is what started it.

music is a great escape

from the world

as a kid in school.

but when you get older,

and things don’t pan out,

you still listen to music to escape.

but words are the only thing

that can patch you up

to tell the schemers –

look who’s winning now.

9 responses to “WORKING THE NEEDLE

    • sheila, thank you for that wonderful comment. it took longer to get my title than write the piece. then when i got that title of which i should of had quickly, i was dang, there’s my metaphor. glad you’re in my corner:))

  1. Rarely, people know the miracles performed through words, you are one of them who knows to analyze the strength and use it for the better purpose. God Bless. This was a great read!

    • yes, and why not. remember the members from rush were originally from around the St. Catherines area. lyrical love yes, but i converged on groups that had substance in lyrics unlike bands like KISS. KISS was strictly a party band.

    • thanx susan, i still like my sound though. the problem in school for me was poetry was reading the odyssey. that didn’t cut it because that was fighting relating or war related.

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