all curled up

on the couch

in a distant stare,

is what happens

when the tones

of life are stricken

without any answer.

all that emptiness

in all those years,

only had the blues

in all the paths of solitude.

then it happens,

it gets off the couch

and textures added –

the pouring of soul

begins to saunter

into the sun rays.

this is what transpires

when the poem

hits the paper

and no longer

feels homesick.

14 responses to “HOMESICK

      • I know you are very talented, you just need a hint and poetry is ready for the display 😉
        How are you doing anyway? What about the girl who liked your poetry?

      • i’m not sure what you mean as to a hint and poetry is ready for display. you will have to elaborate on that. the girl, i’m kinda going to groom her as one that likes my stuff and possibly introduce her to reading where i read at. i read that poem about her yesterday at a big poetry event and a lot of ladies gave me compliments as i walked to my seat through the crowd. i am doing great as i see it.:))

      • I meant… You are very wise in simple words. 🙂
        Oh, wow! Congratulations!! I am sure many like your poetry, it has a power to enchant others 🙂

      • thank you naima….it has taken a lot of years to craft and probably still more room to grow. i still need to be humble. i’m no charles bukowski or any other famous poet. but it does feel good inside. i’m becoming a whole person. the tragedies of past relationships are now starting to fade. it’s about time…:)))

      • I am glad you are breathing fresh air once again and letting the past memories fade in the hippo campus of your brain. I am sure, with time, you will emerge even more better than what you are today 🙂
        Best Wishes,

    • thanx sheila, i saw the word homesick on another blog and thought lets see what i can do with it and it evolved. have to love it when inspired from just one word. have a great day today:)

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