as i have been wandering

the towns and cities,

how could i have known

tragic endings

were all around me?

reflections of great writers –

like a poe or plath.

sometimes darkness needs

to be lifted –

almost like that of veils

to find all that is golden.

love is like that

in all of its passions.

the body that glimmers,

is the one

that may never be the same

when you crash

the temples of the mind

to give life

and unite the soul

in all its love.


when i was a young teen

growing up watching

american bandstand and soul train,

i can still recall

the young ladies

on the dance floor

in all the moves

saturating the hormones.

they had me in the spell

as i entered into adulthood.

complications set in –

like a compound fracture.

that’s what happens

when personality isn’t understood –

theirs or mine.

if i could take a satellite image

of a weather system

where my mind’s eye

was in the center;

around it you would see

polygons of the past

in the storms,

where all the swirls

kept my mind’s eye

surrounded in thick clouds

without a vision.

through the years,

those swirls of clouds

began to saturate into the mind’s eye.

slowly but surely

those swirls laid down

in the bed of the eye

where the roses

were stacked up one by one

as new petals began to form

in the shades of significant life.

this composite track

is a like a new titan

built for display.

this new tracking device –

capable of detecting beautiful women

of mutual sensories.


it’s hot –

humidity sticky.

slow down a bit –

heat index matters

when you get

around this type of thing.

get yourself a nice cool drink

and immerse yourself in this.

i wont’ get you hot and bothered

at this very moment

as heavy sweating must be avoided.

nevertheless, if you just read this:

in all the great heat waves,

the poet likes to be cool

when words sound an alert.


something new

has tremendous possibilities.

sometimes fingers

get to itching so much,

one has to keep prodding the surface.

it’s all about the soothing experience.

can you see the attention

and incredible focus

that these fingers have attracted?

this is where appreciation

comes into view.

the origin of the idea

simply craved for language.


tremble –

be a comedian

with a tough hide.

give each in the audience

a bucket of stones and a slingshot.


be yourself –

show little pretense,

but… be receptive

in suffering and direct pain.


a fat lip –

black eye –

more on the way

is pleasure for the onlooker.


no room for pity –

empty it all out.

stand tall…

back peddle against the wall.

poor aim can go both ways…

but… then again – it’s not a big deal… really.


discouraged? not likely – results matter.

it’s like any relationship

thats gone through the ringer –

toughness comes with the territory.


dignified in the philosophy of the comic

is the poet who fell to the floor –

theatrics are everything these days!!


all that failure

deems me well.

arrogance and rebelliousness

is of great fortune.

narrow views by the mob

is wonderful rubbish

in the kingdom of many illustrious teachers.

must be careful –

slippery ice is dangerous.

possession of lies

are backbone builders.

be secure in them –

it’s a great way to worship.


long ago the castle

was filled with cobwebs.

the walk up

the marble spiral staircase

was slow in every step.

i wondered,

would i ever meet my love?

the crossroads

at the time

ever so enormous.

the guards cautioned

that is wasn’t a ballroom

of magnificent dances.

once inside,

i could hear faint whispers,

but yet i could

sense the buzzing

coming from the hives.

sometimes in coloration,

life can be made precious again.

before this there were no chimes,

but the triple rainbow

shows the vision

that observations matter.


here –

feel the soft earth

under the feet.

rustling of the wind

in the trees

capsulates the moment.

breathe in,

the scent of grass and flowers.

close the eyes –

tune to the energy.

gather it in slowly,

like staring into a large bowl

by candlelight for divine love.

later on –

a pitcher of water

poured into bowl,

the moon’s light –

a reflection as if upon a mirror.

hours later –

before the eyes,

an image emerges

in that of a beautiful lady

with words beneath that read:




i was sitting here –

all was quiet.

but then i heard

this loud rapping.

it sounded pretty urgent,

so i hurried over

and looked through the peephole.

i couldn’t believe what I saw.

naked and vulnerable

at this very moment,

like it needed company.

i kept an open mind

And let it come in.

passions erupted in all the dialogue.

all this heat is what happens

when words drop by.


independent one –

legs straddled

over the fence

in great discomfort.



a calloused hangover

in blue collar drudgery –

results of the years

in an unsure path.



it’s like pouring

hot water

over a thick

sheet of glass –

surface hot, but the center cold –

end result … cracks throughout.



if you ran your fingers

across the lines,


that my eyes are here,

experiences can have all kinds of cracks

when vision is blurred.

your fingers of touch

are a mending soother.



life is never a definitive path

handed to you.

that silver platter

has to have the right engravings

even after 25 years.

can you sense this badge of endurance?