you’d like to think,

it was blood.

it could be,

but it’s not.

this very moment.

the mind

is seduced.

in sensual arousal

in all the climaxes.

this hungry

night stalker

needs a place

for all the lovely flows

to feel worthwhile.

what if the fangs

sunk right in?

do you think,

you could finally

feel the love

dripping into your veins

at this lunging moment?

a steady drip

for a beautiful host

with a wonderful spirit.

21 responses to “DRIPPING OFF THE FANGS

    • muse….glad that you loved this stalking love poem:)) i do love working the angles of love. one day, i hope it will be fruitful. thanx so much for stopping by.

  1. Don, have you been watching those ” Twilight ” movies lately or perhaps you have chosen the path Edgar Winter once chose when they ” Only Came Out At Night ” …. very seductive twist and bite on this one for sure ….:)

    • jimi, i haven’t watched any twilight movies lately, but have a great many years ago. i have read a little of ann rice though. i had the title of this in my head for a few days and thought lets work with a seductive angle and waa la it evolved. did have a little inspiration from another presser to give it a boost. it’s a nice little bit to say i’m still alive and ready. edgar winter – it works for me. thanks for cool comment and stopping by. have a great one day:)

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