i’ve been cutting

the barbed wire

each and every day

for a few months.

it was quite the coil

of wrap around.

it’s starting to look

as if something

is starting to emerge.

it could be poetry

as some would say.

that makes me exposed,

and is that a great thing?

many are fearful

of letting their soul out.

i’m reading in front of people,

and some extroverts

are telling me

that they couldn’t do that.

i find that odd,

but also hugely encouraging.

but let me ask,

if i’ve been cutting

that coil that was wrapped

around my heart

to protect it,

does it now mean

it’s starting to look

as if it has beauty and strength?

8 responses to “DIFFERENCE MAKER

  1. yes!! definitely..protecting it while it healed.:)Now there is something blooming there that will be better than it was, more open, more honest, more giving, and more forgiving:)

    • thanks LadyR for the comment. it’s definitely blooming now. more open for sure and definitely honest and giving. forgiving is tougher though as i took a beating. if i can become a winner, forgiving of those that beat me down may arise in the future. forgiving of others in different situations has always been there:)

  2. This is a very wise post. I am mesmerized with your idea to describe how you held back your soul previously and how ya are letting it out to express your views now! Your soul is positive and I love it 🙂
    With much love,

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