here at the top,

it says,”cutback”

in calligraphy.

it’s known for its trick

of manuevers in the glides.

it is timeless

when performed well.

today is unique –

poetry is for advanced lovers

in all the emotives of tradition

when it comes to amazing blue.

this moment

is all about the dynamics

and heading down the line.

but here it is all about the move

in the surf

to reach the shore

where the board

on the bottom says,

“took on a wave and love won out.”

6 responses to “PIVOTAL

  1. This was a soothing read. I somewhat remember a dream I saw last night as I read this – it was something related to ocean too. I enjoyed it a lot.
    Happy Writing Don!

    • naima, i’m glad that you liked this little soothing piece. just so you know “cutback” is a surfing term of which they go back and forth in a wave – hence as the lines. i’m not sure if you knew that. i didn’t until i looked up surfing. as always thanx for the comment:)

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