this chariot of vision

in the blue,

is like the thunder

of all the thunders.

this poet,

is like an ox;

hard working and persistant.

behind this tenacious,

self-sacrificing exterior,

is one willing to build confidence

in all that inspires.

it is here,

that i firmly plant the feet

in the fields to leave

imprints with a steadfast eye.

you can get close here

when it’s under the influence

in all the limelight.

it takes a great deal

to find respect.

one has to look

to the slow melt

to get it right.

all that energy

needs a good release.

it can leave a little lightening

to engage the senses

in all thats blue.

can you see this tail?

20 responses to “INK TAIL

    • thanx soraya as to your wonderful comment. i suppose i could have made the lines even shorter but i don’t think i’d want to have 5 pages when i go to print it out for a reading…*LOL*. as always, i appreciate your visits here:)))

  1. I like the imagery here. This line is what really blew the dust off my shoulders,

    ” it is here, that i firmly plant the feet in the fields to leave imprints with a steadfast eye.”

    • alpha…i’m elated by your comment here. i’m glad that you liked those lines as much as you. i felt the same way. when it comes to this process we both have a pretty good idea as to what might stand out. thanx again…:)))

      • No problem. I have read many lengthy poems that are of great length and sadly most don’t catch me. I find you writing similar to mine simply because there is a lack of rhyme and it is to the point-plus the meaning is deep and you don’t give it to your readers they have to search for it. I look forward to reading through some more of yours after I get this homework done-and my kiddo fed 🙂

      • my gosh alpha i didn’t expect such a beautiful depthful comment here. a hug would be in order for sure. just so you know, i have over 110 some pieces on mine now. you will find some stingers in there. i just want you to be aware of that. i don’t know how far deep you will go. i’m eventually going to have to dig deeper in yours in reciprication. at your leisure by all means…:))

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