tremble –

be a comedian

with a tough hide.

give each in the audience

a bucket of stones and a slingshot.


be yourself –

show little pretense,

but… be receptive

in suffering and direct pain.


a fat lip –

black eye –

more on the way

is pleasure for the onlooker.


no room for pity –

empty it all out.

stand tall…

back peddle against the wall.

poor aim can go both ways…

but… then again – it’s not a big deal… really.


discouraged? not likely – results matter.

it’s like any relationship

thats gone through the ringer –

toughness comes with the territory.


dignified in the philosophy of the comic

is the poet who fell to the floor –

theatrics are everything these days!!

8 responses to “FIRST POETRY READING

  1. I’ve done plenty of public speaking but I have to admit the first time I heard a song I wrote played and sung in public (to a very tiny crowd I might add) I was mortified. And I was only listening to someone else sing it. Reading my poems in public? Whew, I don’t know… lol

    • it sure can be tough. but most of the time you read in front of those that are interested in it. if you were to read in front of a crowd of non enthusiasts it would not be a comfortable feeling. yes, my first reading was quite the thing, so i just invented this take on it.

    • cat….glad that you liked this one…:) this inventive piece pretty much gives the feel of my first reading. there are a lot of things that come into play. are the pieces good….etc. thanx for stopping by.

      • Poetry readings yeah – i cannot imagine doing them live – u know ?
        recording them – no problem
        but live……
        that would be totally weird for me 🙂
        good poem xx

      • in front of poets and other like minded ones – not so bad. it’s the others you would REALLY have to be concerned with. they’d be extremely critical.

      • That i have no problem with – Critical people ….:)

        I actually like criticism ! the constructive kind of course ….
        it’s just that live poetry is not regarded as high art anymore …
        and that’s too bad ……………..

      • critical people meaning people that hate it. i see what you are saying as it not being regarded as a high art. now if you say poetry slams or spoken word, they get more of an arousal from the general public – why? because it’s easier to grasp. good input cat.

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