when i was a young teen

growing up watching

american bandstand and soul train,

i can still recall

the young ladies

on the dance floor

in all the moves

saturating the hormones.

they had me in the spell

as i entered into adulthood.

complications set in –

like a compound fracture.

that’s what happens

when personality isn’t understood –

theirs or mine.

if i could take a satellite image

of a weather system

where my mind’s eye

was in the center;

around it you would see

polygons of the past

in the storms,

where all the swirls

kept my mind’s eye

surrounded in thick clouds

without a vision.

through the years,

those swirls of clouds

began to saturate into the mind’s eye.

slowly but surely

those swirls laid down

in the bed of the eye

where the roses

were stacked up one by one

as new petals began to form

in the shades of significant life.

this composite track

is a like a new titan

built for display.

this new tracking device –

capable of detecting beautiful women

of mutual sensories.

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