as i have been wandering

the towns and cities,

how could i have known

tragic endings

were all around me?

reflections of great writers –

like a poe or plath.

sometimes darkness needs

to be lifted –

almost like that of veils

to find all that is golden.

love is like that

in all of its passions.

the body that glimmers,

is the one

that may never be the same

when you crash

the temples of the mind

to give life

and unite the soul

in all its love.

8 responses to “TEMPLES OF DESIRE

    • thanx susan. i actually had to do some changing with it after i originally posted it. i had an element of the title in my head and just looked up a few things to get a quick spin out here. i’ve been naked without anything posted for a good number of days. glad that you thought it was beautiful…..*:))

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