this the one

without a free ride.

pickup lines so real

they begin to ache.

and someday

they will stand out

like bruises on skin,

because they couldn’t

stand to be so fake.

that price paid

in all the truth.

i love her so much,

it just turns to this.

she may love me here,

and that is all the cake

that matters most

in a darkened room.

3 responses to “SHADED VIEW

    • harry, yes i got it. what i tried to do in the comment part on the contact page was put a poem in it. i’m not sure what exactly is to be put in it such as a small bio. the other thing is one has to send it differently than the normal wordpress post. the part about creating like an email before posting to yours.just fill me in a bit.

      • The comment page is a way for people to get in touch with me by email, all you do is write a message and send, i don’t believe in posting email addresses on sites for spammers 🙂

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