how do you want to feel

to make yourself get excited

with the foreplay

created by your hands?

when you write,

it’s like it becomes

your only friend

in dire need.

it’s you and me baby

just getting it on.

when it gets hot,

it’s a stimulator

for all the hormones,

that leaves a reader

begging for more.

turn it on,

as if two lovers

know a thing or two

about all the sensual caresses.

but here we are

intertwined in the vines

with breaths of the romantic eroticism

as curtains blow

in across the tops of bedposts.

love is a gem –

poetry is a gem –

put the two together

and that makes a heavyweight.

all we want to do

is fight for a chance to succeed.

we can’t help

that the love of the word

is a healthy craving,

and that sex sells.

so why shouldn’t this?

this piece

that got laid here

is looking for a buck.

but the woman

in here is more than just a piece.



9 responses to “REACHING FOR A CLIMAX

    • thanx alex. this particular piece was an older one that i revamped up a bit. and as you confirmed my point, sometimes it is your only friend. it can save us all if we let it! thanx for stopping by.

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