grab some stick matches –
lay them out in the shape
of the human body
with the sulphur ends outward.
now light each end.
what do you see?
the mind, hands and feet
are definitely on fire.
that is the tingling feeling
a poet gets every time
a creation is created.
the full effect,
is the energy it provides
for a new poet.

7 responses to “ALL FIRED UP

  1. Nice image! Unfortunately, I haven’t had much “fire” lately, at least not for poetry. I’ve been concentrating on a novel, which does not give me the same sort of energy jolt that poetry does. But I’m learning…..

    • this is an old piece too. i changed the title. you certainly have the take on it straight up, but underlying meaning is about the sacrifice to becoming a poet. so glad that you liked:)

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