i haven’t written

in my journal

for a number of days.

it seems hard to put thoughts

in a gift to explore

when she left me.

i believe

it all boils down

to the power

left behind in rhapsody.

i would feel better

if i could connect

expressions to paper.

even though it is in my midst,

she isn’t her

to listen to what i have to say.

isn’t it strange,

if not ironic

that talking to myself

is a communication breakdown

that needs a fix?

writer’s block –

a lover’s block –

double dose in need of a bad fix.

here i am –

inspiration it once had,

won’t return

to leave a part of me

in this journal

without you.

18 responses to “WITHOUT YOU

  1. I feel it and I know what you mean. Great words and I especially liked ‘that talking to myself/ is a communication breakdown/ that needs a fix?’ seemed to have greater impact on me for some reason.

    • thank you so much cat. i do have a dream and i’m trying hard to achieve that. i may be getting a little closer to that as the writing is opening doors. i was going to follow up with your reply of my comment as to your piece with the stars and sonama if i remembered the spelling correctly. it’s a wonderful concept that you put together and absolutely beautiful. i’ve really enjoyed reading your pieces and hearing you read through soundcloud. i’m also happy that we connected here:))

      • thanx…hehe. i’m not sure if you saw my post a few weeks ago that i was going to be in North Carolina. while i was there i went into raleigh for an open mic. i read a couple pieces. a lady said nice stuff. about 25 were in attendance. it wasn’t strictly poetry. some did chapters of novels they are working on. it was nice because it wasn’t just in front of familiar faces when i read in erie:)

      • Good For You 🙂
        Sounds Like it was fUn
        i was in Ottawa
        taking a tiny break from Toronto
        so i missed a ton of posts …………….

        now i super recharged
        and going into the studio in early fall to record some music …………..
        Not just in my apt anymore ! YAY 🙂

        all the best Don 🙂
        and keep on writing
        and doing Your spoken word 🙂
        Let Your Heart lead the way 🙂

      • thanx cat i will certainly continue my venues of spoken word. i might even consider your idea of going to a studio. of course it all comes down to cost..good to hear that you were able to get away from toronto for a bit. it’s also great to hear that you’ll be doing studio work as well. it’s a wonderful step. will you be doing that in toronto? 🙂

      • music ? ottawa and a bit in toronto …..:)
        all i needed to find really is an engineer and an actual studio – you know ? You can only do so much at home 🙂
        best to you 🙂 xx

      • not running ..no
        !!!!!!!! Just about to write something and about to start my twitter account again ……
        i had taken it down about a year ago …..
        not on fb
        never want to be !
        just about to write a post about what the sound will be like ……
        because i write in so many musical genres
        i had to pick one = ELECTRONICA
        so yeah i am busy on my computer today
        it’s been raining here so it’s the perfect day to do all this …:)

      • ok as to not running. it’s not quite raining here now, but it has done so. electronica sounds good to me. i’m on facebook. i’ve got lots of classmates but do have a number of pressers on it. i’m on twitter but i really don’t know how it can help me. but if it works for you, let me know how to work it so that it does:))

      • i know what you mean about facebook. i had to the new timeline whether i wanted it or not. not very democratic there…*L* when you get twitter up and running i’ll add you:)

    • thanx lora…it’s an older piece that was touched up a bit. as to aching, i can vouche that i know all about that. this one does have that element of the muse too. interplay with words i love to play with:)

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