sometimes you don’t want

to feel tomorrow.

those dark clouds

taint your existence

to loseย the balance of life.

it’s easier to feel disenchanted

when you don’t want

to wake to the sunshine

that can be promised

when you need to reach for it.

sometimes dreams

are so empty

that you are haunted

with faded desire

and keep drifting into sorrow.

all that emptiness

is drawing the curtains

across your soul –

a nevermind solution.

changes are never easy,

but just getting back into the blue,

you’ll start to feel again.

sometimes all it takes

is for someone to hold you,

and maybe you’d find love again.

20 responses to “FIND A WAY INTO THE BLUE

  1. lovely again Don. ๐Ÿ™‚ and yay! I’m home again…holidays, good fun, but life needs to be a steady thing for some of us, eh?my kids have to have regular bedtimes, and I need my books, nature walks and music ๐Ÿ™‚

    • glad that you loved this piece. i wrote while listening to a favorite band of mine. a track that i just listened to over and over again that produced this feel. i had no idea that you were on any sort of holiday but i’d probably call vacato.i’m sure you enjoyed that time. books nature and music – great combo’s for sure:)) i don’t think you have ever told how old your children are.

    • glad that you enjoyed this one. i had no idea that you had been reading my blog regularly…hahaha. i’ll have to look at these opportunities. extra on the side would be nice.

    • wow cat….i didn’t expect this when i got up this morning. sittl groggy though and will need to run back to bed when done here. but this is my twitter thingie if i am doing it right. you should find me as don carroll@16428 or just search don carroll until you find the 16428 after it and you will know its me. i haven’t worked with twitter a whole lot. if you are sipping your coffee keep doing that as lay back down for a bit. been raining here and it’s cool and have had some rain. i’ll be back around in a bit:)

      • i see your twitter on the side thingy but it just leads to twitter home page ?
        i am groggy too LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
        it was raining and cold yesterday but Today ! SUN emerging ๐Ÿ™‚
        ok i will do a search ….,

      • i’m glad that it worked:)) i don’t yet know what you mean by top feed as of yet. i’ll have to look, or you my have to direct me….hahaha. i can smell the coffee now. after hitting reply here i come coffee. still asleep on the 3rd cup…that is a wowser:))

      • i think you mean to add it to wp site. yes, i’ll have to figure that out. i don’t think it will be to hard. navigating wordpress has been fairly easy so far. you are now in my list of followers. the hardest part with twitter is i tend to want to say more than the tweet allows. but that could be a good thing too. i can help as to tightening up thoughts:))

  2. I like how this poem shows such weariness on the one hand, but in the end there is a tentative hope that really makes it all the more emotional and moving. I think it touches the reader more deeply, because we see that the poet has taken a few of life’s punches, but it hasn’t quite beaten him down.

    • even though this poem is reflective, it’s not where i’m at the present time. what i did here was sit a listen to a track over and over as the words and the melody produced this feel. music is a great mood enhancer. as to your assessment, you are completely on target. thanx for the wonderful comment:)

    • as you noticed from facebook i did update it a bit. the changes made were in the beginning part of the piece. it’s easy for me to take a dark feeling and then give it some hope. thank you for your wonderful comment. i am doing really good as i’ll be heading to a creek or stream in the hopes of finding some camera shots. if i get some worthy ones i’ll post on FB:)

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