i click the pic

with the lady,

and that is enough

to explore the curves

on this cold november night.

to the naked eye,

i found that their souls

stalked me

in their points of views.

it’s no wonder

i learned about value.

you’d never guess

i was reading poems

by women – would you?


12 responses to “INTO THE SHEETS

  1. I like this, because it makes the reader think one way. (That may be because that’s usually what you find on the internet.), so it’s a nice surprise to see the mind/soul appreciated in the same lustful way as the naked body. Intellectual intercourse is very rare indeed.

    • after re-reading the piece, all of that you mention certainly comes through. the “points of views” definitely is two-fold. didn’t see it at the time. i suppose intellectual intercourse is rare, but if one isn’t acheiving that in the physical sense, then intellectual intercourse can become rather common…*L*.

    • anytime for that, but did notice there is some subtle two-fold action going on it as well. when i was going through all of my nonsense, i was going through a period where i had said that all femme were alike. well, that’s all change. so when i started to read stuff by women, that started to change my view. i found out that there are some caring ones out there.:)

      • Aw Don… I know you’ve been through some tough stuff…yes…there are some caring ones. I hope that if nothing else, you find some true women friends who you enjoy time with. Romance is complex and very hard on most people, poetry versus story writing…the same, but not. 🙂

      • i hear you as to the romance stuff. i’m gaining some women friends. here from the blog. one not to long ago added me to facebook with her real name because she trusted me. i’ve got some new lady friends from the reading in erie. i’ve been working on another option and that is moving nicely. not fast or anything. it’s someone local. she is a lot like i am. she is a quiet one. she is younger though. who say that a seasoned poet can’t attact a younger lady? 🙂

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