here at this setting,

was a lady,

tall with long straight blonde hair

reading her newspaper

on a porch swing.

this porch with various flowers

and a feeder hanging

in her front view.

here the hummingbird

works the stamen –

so vital for propagation –

like writing love letters –

each flower – the blend of beauty.

to the feeder it went,

she attracted it to the nectar.

after all – she was sugar too.

that elongated bill

kept going after the port blossom,

like the poet’s tongue

conveys sweetness in romantic flavor.

this hummingbird

has found its territory,

especially since she knew

her front porch

was all about attraction.


    • i’m glad that you think it is beautiful. it was written for a lady that i’ve been fortunate to meet. a fictional element as to the porch swing and newspaper, but i know she watches the news.

    • i’m glad that you loved the poem. i’m elated you stopped by as well. i’m following you through email as well. i’ll be watching for your stuff. remember sheila sent me from her shout outs. i’ve got others yet to check out. yes, that P word is very important. took me a bit to get to yours, but i’m glad i did:) i’m in PA too and that makes us neighbors.

      • i guess your not. i’ve been to cleveland just a few times. basketball when lebron was there.haven’t been south much at all, except for youngstown which is pretty much on my side. i can see why see wasn’t fond of it. in the winter time it’s almost cloudy all the time. i hate it here in the winter..L*

    • glad that you loved it. and yes, it actually was inspired by a femme interest here locally. it’s slow going but i think i’m getting some trust built up. i also showed this to the girl at the bar where in the beginning i had to use a poem just to open the door to her. she also loved it and said i was very talented. i’m getting attention with this and after all those years of not getting noticed. there now is a payoff. as to your kids and school . i know what you mean. i’m long past that arena. it can get hectic at times:)

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