nurtured over time –
the essence
in the blood
is like a fragrance oil
as if to leave an aura
escaping in wonders of breaths.
two lovers
in spirit that fly
in the joyful
of all the lovetime.
these wings – everything.
when they open –
it’s all about the shining.


when he was born,

there was excitement

concerning his life

now that he has grown

into a man,

he decided that

he wants to make a move

to be in the limelight.

when he discovered

that life in the fast lane

was his best option,

he went for it

and got the attention

he never expected.

now that focus

was in his performance,

he realized his persona

is what carried him

to great heights.

that left him

to see that sometimes

it takes great courage

to be a poet

for others to see !!


(this is a very old reflective. i’m in a much better state now. but it’s an important one

in my development in life and with the word. )


i read bukowski

with a flavor of a bum –

he taught me about life.

traveled into marriage,

and exited five years later

into the divorce

hall of fame.

moved back home

for a couple of years,

then moved on to a place

where i had a bedroom,

and shared a bathroom

with another couple

who had the other bedroom

on the second floor.

we shared the kitchen

that was on the first floor

with the couple

that owned the house.

the only thing

i had nice at that point.

was a car.

i worked second shift,

and after work,

the bar was the place to go.

i drank every night,

what else was there to do?

i didn’t live with my kids –

there wasn’t any responsibility

to go home to.

i would get my kids

on occasion –

they¬†wouldn’t want to go back.

life became a revolver

between work, drinking and absorbing bad situations.

these deadly forces

worked together

and labored into emptiness.

sometimes you got

to spill your guts

once in a while.



this thirst –

for an all everything spice

grows subtly in intensity.

this wild seed

sprung new leaves –

now dances

in new steps.

little reaches at a time,

taking it to the sky,

to one day,

her and i –

a fixed-ever display

two bodies –

a master key

takes in a heart.

it’s nothing but allspice

when its love.


this breed –

an opportunistic

confident one

looking for an all natural lover

over an island

stopping at each house.

time after time,

he left empty.

then he went

to a place

near the sea cliff,

and nearby was the house

where the lady

was tending to the nest

of a togetherness moment.

the two came together

when she attracted him

with the bait of her eyes.

what followed next,

became a romantic

interlude of music.










this new infinity lover

in the perpetuals

has a coming to life

with reverb echo

to created the sounds.

it’s all about levels –

hand controllers

working through the scenes.

that sultry beauty

isn’t making it easy

as i’ve got to work

the hands in the precisements.

eyes sometimes

need all the help

they can get to reach for depth.

the thing is,

once i get this one mastered,

a new one will come,

and that sulty one will say,

“the more you see, the better the depth.”


hey girl,

maybe it didn’t

have to go that way.

pain is such

a taker

of sacred ties

of heart and mind.

but the dreams

were all you ever had.

so maybe

through the crumbling

while you are down,

you can start

to brush it aside

where love is more than

a simple rhyme in a cd,

but it sure helps

when you need it

by playing it over and over

when he left you high and dry.



i just talked

to a gentleman

of similiar experiences in life.

he said that old road

with potholes

that you keep trying to patch

isn’t going to cut it.


you have to make a change

for the better in regards

to your existence.

that old road

can’t take it anymore

as it’s a beaten path.

that means the new road

must be built with durability

in regards to life’s lessons.

take it slow – don’t look back,

and it will provide you

with a backbone

of growth this time around.


sometimes in life

things can become

so distant,

it just becomes

nothing but a blur.

i had to find a new vice

to replace an old one

that finally caught up with me on the road.

the free time

i had went into genealogy

and you never know what to expect.

i traced my dad’s family

down to the 1700’s and found

that one of his family members owned

the tract of land which is now chicago.

after that mission became complete,

it was now time to work

on my mother’s side.

i wasn’t having as much luck

until an uncle who has sinced passed away

provide me the name of arthur c quick

who had a book published on the family

down the 1600’s.

i went to the library

and they found a copy not too far away

from where i lived.

after the book arrived,

i went through the whole thing

and stumbled upon this man’s name.

i thought to myself,

now that’s an identity i’d like to have.

he was a very distant cousin,

and his name is zane grey,

a great country and western writer.

somehow i believe

i’m now forging an identity too.