i just talked

to a gentleman

of similiar experiences in life.

he said that old road

with potholes

that you keep trying to patch

isn’t going to cut it.


you have to make a change

for the better in regards

to your existence.

that old road

can’t take it anymore

as it’s a beaten path.

that means the new road

must be built with durability

in regards to life’s lessons.

take it slow – don’t look back,

and it will provide you

with a backbone

of growth this time around.

6 responses to “BUILDING OF THE BONES

    • thanx naima…that piece is really about relationships that have gone bad and where one still has bitterness. that pertains to me. actually that gentleman is fictional. i needed something to get me over the hump. i realized i can’t go back and try to patch up the bitterness. it’s not going to work. i need that new road. i finally realized that is where i have to put my lines to:)

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