sometimes in life

things can become

so distant,

it just becomes

nothing but a blur.

i had to find a new vice

to replace an old one

that finally caught up with me on the road.

the free time

i had went into genealogy

and you never know what to expect.

i traced my dad’s family

down to the 1700’s and found

that one of his family members owned

the tract of land which is now chicago.

after that mission became complete,

it was now time to work

on my mother’s side.

i wasn’t having as much luck

until an uncle who has sinced passed away

provide me the name of arthur c quick

who had a book published on the family

down the 1600’s.

i went to the library

and they found a copy not too far away

from where i lived.

after the book arrived,

i went through the whole thing

and stumbled upon this man’s name.

i thought to myself,

now that’s an identity i’d like to have.

he was a very distant cousin,

and his name is zane grey,

a great country and western writer.

somehow i believe

i’m now forging an identity too.

6 responses to “FILL THE VOID

  1. Well done, Don! A really nice blend of history, nostalgia…and that longing to feel like part of something significant and larger while adding your own fingerprint to the tree. I really enjoyed it.

    • thanx anne, and thank you for actually inspiring me to do it. there are individuals that really don’t understand why i need to do this. i had felt i had no identity while sitting behind a forklift. it pays the bills but it doesn’t do anything for the heart. writing gives me that identity and it has opened a number of doors that hadn’t been available before. thanx for your wonderful comment:)

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