this breed –

an opportunistic

confident one

looking for an all natural lover

over an island

stopping at each house.

time after time,

he left empty.

then he went

to a place

near the sea cliff,

and nearby was the house

where the lady

was tending to the nest

of a togetherness moment.

the two came together

when she attracted him

with the bait of her eyes.

what followed next,

became a romantic

interlude of music.









8 responses to “SEAGULL ON THE HUNT

    • sometimes it’s nice to be immobilized:) all i did was just look up some seagull stuff and added the flavor. though i could have made it more heated at the end, i chose to keep the reader to make their own visualizations. i’m glad that you seen the metaphor was intact. most of the time when i do the metaphor i like to keep them fairly visible for the reader. the occasional obsure one once in a while. thanx for your wonderful comment:)) throw ya a hug too!!

    • alpha, glad that you enjoyed this spin. i know all about the being left “empty handed” as well. i’ll have to see one day if being an emotive one will lead to an end to that “empty handed” feeling.

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