when he was born,

there was excitement

concerning his life

now that he has grown

into a man,

he decided that

he wants to make a move

to be in the limelight.

when he discovered

that life in the fast lane

was his best option,

he went for it

and got the attention

he never expected.

now that focus

was in his performance,

he realized his persona

is what carried him

to great heights.

that left him

to see that sometimes

it takes great courage

to be a poet

for others to see !!

7 responses to “THE BIRTH OF CONAN

  1. This one has such a nice rhythm to it. I don’t write poetry and don’t know much about it, but I know what I like by how it trickles through my brain. This one trickled nicely. 🙂

    • glad that you enjoyed this carrie:) here is the insight. it’s a piece based on ones alter ego – hence the title of it. it’s a little take off from a poet by the name of charles bukowski. he worked that angle all the time.

  2. Wow! A poem about Conan O’Brien. Just kidding…I couldn’t resist. This is very well done, with a good dose of unexpected near rhymes that give the poem a lovely sound without being overwhelmed by the exactness of perfect rhymes. I think we all have this side to us — whether it’s the performer in us that we let out, or just unleashing the artist within. It’s finding whatever passion we have and letting it shine. I think that’s what makes us feel complete, but sadly some never find their passion, or just ignore it. It does take courage to find it and let it out, but it is so worth it. Fine, fine work here!

    • lora, actually conan o’brien is loosely connected in that a lady friend of mine said i had looked like him. that is how that came to be. you certainly have captured what the piece is all about. you are right, some never find it, but it’s even sadder for those that just ignore it. i do have a piece in the month of august starting with the word “hummingbird” which you may also like. this is when you get time to do it. you could like be my reviewer someday of my work. as always appreciate you stopping by:)

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