sometimes poems

can be like slivers

in the hand,

where it hurts enough

and becomes necessary

to focus on the pain

until it all comes out

before we feel any better.



your voice gives you away man.
i told you
it had to GO DOWN this way.
you know what happens
when the boss has a SCORE to settle?
he’ll get his crew if he finds out
you have turned on him.
i’m telling you that nothing gets past him.
you are like family,
but i can’t save your tail,
so, don’t hold back
what he wants to know.
i want you to meet me at my place
in two hours, or nothing will get accomplished.
later… sat down face to face
and this became the agreement
when the boss said, “when you listen thoroughly -then write.”

that saved us both !!


i went to the truck stop

just off of interstate 90

in harborcreek pa.

i walked in like a vagrant –

single life will do that.

i went and sat up

at the truckers counter –

kinda like fitting in

away from family oriented spots.

ordered an orange juice,

omlette with toast,

and a short stack of pancakes.

after a short time …

i sat there eating,

and thought about the leaves

i had gathered in many large contractors bags

in a steady rain

brought about by the effects of the hurricane

a few hours earlier.

if this appears gloomy,

don’t tell anyone.



this place of imprisonment
is merely a silent reciever.
dreams are ambitious, and yet,
i am a beggar in my own dungeon.
that small space – i call my world.
an ordinary man reaches out
as if written to hamlet
on this old desk.
the lights flicker …


his occupation was unknown.
spent years in the box
trying to work his way out.
then one day,
and little by little
he started to put it together.
it was almost
like using a little stick
on a blue window
with a thin layer of ice.
he had something to say,
and that became the trademark
where it mattered the most.


it is here
that one thing
lead to another.
we spoke english,
but a lot of pretending ensued
on the part of her.
they say love
is in all the languages.
she continued
to speak english,
while i leaned into the spanish.
though, i speak english,
i wanted romance.
a little spanish
with a little history
is great coming
from an old lover.


it is here
that detoxification begins
from the inside out.
a little focus in the poses.
flexibility of the mind,
can be like a full body massage.
relaxation induced –
addicted in the process.
balance is everything –
feeling a little love along the way
is a fantastic healer
for the hearts circulatary spirit.
this pose –
a rejuvenator in all the concentrations.
regimens in the the studio
require patience in the practice.
it is here
that this piece
is all about the hotness
when that femme walks in.