like the letters
in a bag,
it’s nothing but a mess
in all its darkness.
that past that was all shook up
is now coming out of the bag.
a multi operation
comes into play –
a literati artistic solver.
word mania –
kinda like rotary gyrations
upon this fixed stationary.
i can at least place blades –
super sharp with incredible torque
to leave that humming sound
for all those antagonists
that play a bitter game.
but here i am –
the protaganist playing the leading role
of once was littered with tragic circumstances.

5 responses to “UNSCRAMBLE IN STYLE

  1. Don…I am taking time to visit personally my favourites this morning…I am reclusive and busy these days, reading in my email often, versus making persoanl visits to the blogs I read…thank you for sharing your words. Don’t delete them…I went to comment on one, that is now gone…you are a fine poet…Hope you are well today. Hugs to you.

    • hi there. i’m not recalling anything i’ve deleted anytime recently. i’ve only deleted a small number of them but sometime ago. i am doing very well and thanx for comment as being a fine poet. as to your reclusiveness i can understand that. myself the issue has been working hard with saturdays included. hugs back at you.

    • a quick two pump for the press. have to see where the next one comes from. glad that you liked:) that picture that you saw with me on the forklift. that’s in a freezer at about -10. i always say, when my days are done they can hang me in the corner as if i was in the macy day parade….hahaha

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