it is here
that detoxification begins
from the inside out.
a little focus in the poses.
flexibility of the mind,
can be like a full body massage.
relaxation induced –
addicted in the process.
balance is everything –
feeling a little love along the way
is a fantastic healer
for the hearts circulatary spirit.
this pose –
a rejuvenator in all the concentrations.
regimens in the the studio
require patience in the practice.
it is here
that this piece
is all about the hotness
when that femme walks in.

One response to “IN THE HOT ROOM

  1. Lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was just Gonna shut down the computer – but —— had to read 🙂
    !!!!!!!!!!!!! way tired from Yoga 🙂 great poem 🙂 🙂 🙂 Night 🙂 C

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