his occupation was unknown.
spent years in the box
trying to work his way out.
then one day,
and little by little
he started to put it together.
it was almost
like using a little stick
on a blue window
with a thin layer of ice.
he had something to say,
and that became the trademark
where it mattered the most.

3 responses to “THE DAY HE GOT OUT

  1. Thanks for that Brilliant response this morning —– Really Got me thinking ………………
    “mature love vs…….the fool ” really wise and inspiring 🙂
    and great poem by the way
    Thank You 🙂

    • Thanx cat. I suppose it comes from being introverted and a romantic and not knowing it when I was young. So that can make one out to be a fool. I said that love word twice and turned me into just that. I can write it all I want but to actually say it to another will have to be right.

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