all I want to do

is hold you in a pouring rain,

as if two hearts

become like waterfalls –

this embrace

mending past mistakes.

here we are slowly

climaxing into one another.

is this how

it feels when in a trance?

this little feel of romance

needs a little time

in the path of trust –

it’s how two come into one

when love is like extra sensory perception.

that sixth sense –

like a teacher in the classroom

leaning into the ears

and whispering the lines that matter the most.


eager one –
resolutions of daring ambitions
leaves shadows
in blood shot eyes.
unwelcomed truths –
 like bits of colored glass
blend in words
that can’t ignore the odd.
images of the sincere
are the perfect circles
of patterned growth,
until all the knowledge learned
is in one big conflict in poetics.


whatever you want

I’ll take the time

to bring it slow.

you are the one blossom

tantalizing across these eyes

like colorful rainbows

to bounce within these walls

eagerly awaiting to see your face

when needing someone.

your endless hypnotic spell

runs through me

making it a little crazy

that I have to pretend

your head is next to me

to fall asleep.


it’s been a while
since I last saw you
in the heat
of our embrace.
the smoke of embers
stirring sparks
of new beginnings
in all the caresses
where mountains are ceilings
as love bathed
in the high tides
during a full moon
pollinating passions of eruptions
where the skies
write your name
in a beautiful flame.