whatever you want

I’ll take the time

to bring it slow.

you are the one blossom

tantalizing across these eyes

like colorful rainbows

to bounce within these walls

eagerly awaiting to see your face

when needing someone.

your endless hypnotic spell

runs through me

making it a little crazy

that I have to pretend

your head is next to me

to fall asleep.

12 responses to “SLOWLY CLOSES IN

    • I’ve got this lady friend that I have been slowly trying to make something out of as to something greater. slow is a good thing but it’s driving me nuts trying to fully succeed. anyways, I was listening to cheap tricks – the flame. you know who they are right? you are not in the states and i’m not sure exactly where you be at. I do think its like England or Ireland. i’m glad that you loved it. working the romantic game is a great plus:)

      • thanks for feeling for my slow beautiful agony. I wonder what the equivalent word for darling in German language? is it an easy one to say phonetically? what big city are you near in the country?

      • hmmm… the closest one for ‘darling’ would be ‘Schätzchen’ or Liebling… but I’m sure both will give you trouble… 🙂
        I’m about 120 kilometres from Cologne, about 150 from Frankfurt – if you know these…

      • yes those two are tough. any easier ones for the wonderful female? I’ve heard of Frankfurt but no the other other one. do a lot of the germans speak English?

      • none that i can think of right now, sorry. most of them are tough… 😉
        yep, we learn english in school, most of us do. school english sucks though – you get the basics, that’s it.
        (would love to keep chatting, but it’s closing in on 2am over here and i have to be up again at 6 – ouch!)
        have a good evening! 🙂

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