isolation of an individual –
looks to the eye of a crow
for universal oneness
with the mental and emotional
in the physical acts of living.
deep reaches of awareness
breaking through barriers
to instill a sense of peace.
this food and shelter,
links to the self
from the path
of a significant Source
in a human struggle
to strengthen the meaning
when chosen for words.

6 responses to “BODY IN CABIN

  1. thanks RL. things have been difficult as life was turned upside down. it’s going to be a long road and this is just a piece of that road. the road that got buckled took writing away for some time. I have to see how things go. i’m getting into the swing of things, but it’s slow coming.

    • again thanx – simply using a little native American Culture to express something that I endured. the title actually is a metaphor out of the Christopher Dorner story.

  2. Living in SoCal, I knew immediately when I read the title that the poem was referencing Christopher Dorner. But the poem certainly is much more than a news headline. I think it shows isolation in a powerful and touching way, and the crying out for understanding.

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