there in front of me,

a one track mind –

hell bent on survival.


like a Bedouin

in great obscurity,

a knight needed with armor

is havoc to invaders.


bloodlines an art –

history lessons seep out.


thoroughbred needed:

a muthafuckin fighter !!

6 responses to “ECLIPSE OF PROGENY

  1. I like how this builds very classic images and then ends with a bang using modern slang. The poem itself seems cryptic when looking for speciifc meaning, but the overall effect certainly hits the reader. I always like that kind of poem, because you can read them repeatedly and always find SOMETHING new.

    • modern slang it is !! yes, certainly some classic here. this piece and the last piece are a part of what I am going through at the moment. glad that you liked the depth of the piece.

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