11 responses to “DOUBLE JEOPARDY

      • That means your happiness is redefined! At times, we have to live with the redefine words for ourselves and that is what you gotta do now Don – let the agony slip, would love to see another smile in a flip! Cheers!
        Not to forget, smile while you read this – it is just for you, my friend!
        With the warmth of love ,

      • well girl, if I could smile I would. but this situation i’m engulfed in wouldn’t make anyone smile. theyd’ be extremely livid. the problem is that this thing is not going to get resolved until months down the road. the outcome of it isn’t in my hands. this whole thing completely sux. but from you i’ll accept your warmth of love.

      • Erm, whatever the matter may be, smile shouldnt be affected right? It is the light to your heart and soul – how can you be unjust to yourself along with the world? (Wont make you any different then)
        As Lao Tza said once, “He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty.”
        With love,

      • I hear ya girl, but the only way I can conquer is to be angrier than a mutta futter. cause when it was the other way around that is how this thing erupted. this situation i’m going through truly affects the smile. my internal self is like it has been filleted to the bone and it just flaps in the breeze in a stagnant wind. ya always seem to send the love, gotta like that cause i’m not getting it anywhere else – except family members, but that is different though.

      • It’s a very delicate situation. it’s one that requires the ears of one on a one to one basis without this type of form of communicative. hearing ya say you’d get my back does feel good though…:)

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