the only happiness

I have left – is anger.

and now anger

is the only futting thing

that makes me happy.

bowflex you are all I got now.

forget everything else,

it just doesn’t futting matter.


  1. Thanx niama and there isn’t much I can do to supplant the anger because I’m not in control of what is happening. But I hear ya girl. I’d take a hug though it could help ease me a tad.

  2. It’s an interesting title, because it really shows the manic side of bi-polar, so I was thinking it might be a good title for a series that shows both states of bi-polar. But then I read it again, and I thought perhaps the title is about someone else that is bi-polar and that is what spurs the writer to anger in the body of the poem. I like the sparseness of the poem, because every line packs a punch.

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