i’ve got tears

streaming down my face ¬†–

it doesn’t matter

why they are there,

i’m a guy.


maybe if I study

the art of being homeless

and shoot dimes

of heroin

for the pure pleasure

of escaping society

that I no longer consider

to be any value –

will that make me tougher !!



the eyes nothing

but empty gardens

of wastelands.

can’t seem to find

any solace in a world

that is nothing

but one big letdown.

words are nice,

but they keep you in it.

you can’t forget

what brings you here

to begin with.

poems think they save you,

but they can’t either !!

one needs a soul

and sometimes that can’t be found either

no matter how hard one

falls fast into a different world

trying to salvage something in the word

while running away from it all.


give me a summer morning

and a 69 Camaro

to hit the road

with the windows down

in a blue sky.


if that’s not enough –

make a change

and hit the trails

on a snowmobile

with a morning

to catch the coolness

all around me.


is that enough –

to plant your sun?


how do i become simple

when tossed aside

like a ship tossed in the channels.

why can’t you

meet me part way

in my complexities,

where the eyes

tell a different story.

maybe i just need

to walk on a little country road

and find my mind,

amidst the dust –

like a pickup that peels out

amidst its tracks.

wouldn’t it be nice

to look for a little high

for a far reaching smile

to keep me hanging on.

but it sure would be nice

if you came along

like a little country song

with a country moonlit serenade

leaving me a little wild

in the neon

where the night danced.