how do i become simple

when tossed aside

like a ship tossed in the channels.

why can’t you

meet me part way

in my complexities,

where the eyes

tell a different story.

maybe i just need

to walk on a little country road

and find my mind,

amidst the dust –

like a pickup that peels out

amidst its tracks.

wouldn’t it be nice

to look for a little high

for a far reaching smile

to keep me hanging on.

but it sure would be nice

if you came along

like a little country song

with a country moonlit serenade

leaving me a little wild

in the neon

where the night danced.



  1. Love the bit about finding your mind in the dust of the country road. Well well written & left an impression in my mind.

    • thanx RL…’s a piece of hope so to speak. in a tough situation that still hasn’t been resolved. I’ve been a mess filled with tears first then now anger. it’s tempered with the bowflex. it’s my only social friend I’ve got. the bright side is my arms have gotten bigger and it’s given me a focus and has tempered tear duct flare ups.

  2. Sweet and yet sad wanting so much but have always gone to far. Loving this one it is gentle and elegant. Like when nature wind blows through the trees kinda thing.

  3. “How do I become simple” love this line! It sums up the mystery of life and the human experience…We are the only species who complicates everything. “Maybe I just need to walk a little country road”…The solution is so simple and you my dear poet have hit it so eloquently:)

  4. I really like this one. It has a smoothness to the writing, and when read with all of your recent poems, it feels like a transition piece. Less anger and more moving forward. I love the opening line, because it sums up what I feel so often (and I’ll bet many others). “How do I become simple” in such a crazy, fast-paced, chaotic, unstable and often unfair world. Aren’t we all looking for that peaceful country road. I like the repeated use of the adjective “country”, because it seems to represent peace.

    • i’m glad that you liked this one lora. it does have that smoothness, but once you get into a little further down is where it starts to really get that way. definitely less anger in this one. how do I become so simple is really how the piece evolves, and it’s something that I needed to fall back to. thanx again…:)

      • I hope you come to Pakistan some day and then I’ll let you judge for yourself lol
        Yeah, it did have that smoothness… I liked the opening line too but I suppose I never want to be simple!

      • I want to be simple….then life will situate just fine once that arrives. but some complexities can be a good thing – like for writing and to strengthen mentality !!

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