give me a summer morning

and a 69 Camaro

to hit the road

with the windows down

in a blue sky.


if that’s not enough –

make a change

and hit the trails

on a snowmobile

with a morning

to catch the coolness

all around me.


is that enough –

to plant your sun?

5 responses to “PLANT YOUR SUN

    • it works for me. meaning metaphorically. find a way to plant it inside oneself. that is the idea behind it. yet it does have a bi-polar effect as well – a planned intention…:)

    • thanx britt…:) you certainly had the right take on this. I wrote this in five minutes and omitted the sun in the second part. but the aim is the same. when things are good – everything seems hot. when things aren’t so good they seem a little on the cool side, but one still needs that sun to weather that stuff out and you have to still have to keep planting it….:).

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