i’ve got tears

streaming down my face  –

it doesn’t matter

why they are there,

i’m a guy.


maybe if I study

the art of being homeless

and shoot dimes

of heroin

for the pure pleasure

of escaping society

that I no longer consider

to be any value –

will that make me tougher !!



      • I understand. In that case my comment might’ve come across as a bit harsh and I apologize for that.

        I also like to write poetry that’s rough around the edges, which reflects from own experiences, that’s why it was refreshing to see someone else doing the same.

        I wish you all the strength you need to get through your situation. I hope you have someone that help you during dark days. If not, even though I am a stranger to you, I offer you my helping hand, so feel free to contact me.

        Stay strong,
        – Daan

  1. it’s quite alright dan. it wasn’t harsh. through my writing I’ve wanted my stuff to have some power behind it. definitely the issue i’m contending with makes this piece powerful. I don’t know if there is anything you can do to help me with what i’m going through because it’s not what you would think it would be. I do thank you for the offer however.

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