a movement –

a development in progress.

a hardship in life

makes it difficult

to embrace the dynamics

of a narrow person’s view.

in a bowl the water is still.

in a river it is a flowing source.

that contrast shows

how people can be.

but sometimes another change

starts to emerge –

a hardening of the arteries

where the heart couldn’t take anymore.


14 responses to “UNDER CONSTRUCTION

      • I have followed a quite a bit of your ride. it seems to have smoothed out in a better fashion for you. sometimes one can say something that another has also felt. my positive flow has not returned.

      • I’m hoping it will return someday and that shield or protection guarding that heart of yours will grow to soften again. Things haven’t gotten better, if anything, it has become worse. Trying to not lose faith in people but so many disappointments left and right. One day, I think I’ll just crack.

      • but I thought that you were dating a bit. that’s what I thought I saw. now we don’t need two of us in the same boat. just let it be me. i’m the leader in getting adversity thrown down my throat..haha. don’t crack britt. you seem sweet to me.

      • trust is a tough one. it can take a long time to find that weather female or male. like for me for instance, the first thing a female wants to do to me is change me. they want to mold you into what they want. that’s a no go for me. as to you finding another, you have some nice attributes that can attract them. I don’t have that so I get ignored…haha.

      • I believe people take my niceness for granted. But I refuse to change who I am in order to be loved proper. My friends have suggested I play the same games guys do with me, and I have thought about it… but what would that achieve? I refuse to give someone the power to make me change my core. So I’m just going to keep being me and maybe some day, the right guy will come along and appreciate that. Just because I can attract, doesn’t mean it brings in the right people, lol.

      • I understand the niceness part. but sometimes the niceness can relate to getting used too. it’s better not to play the game. and as to change, neither gender should be operating in that manner. it’s like this – if you didn’t like what you saw in the beginning then why did you come after me in the first place. just because you can attract – and you are right. it also means that you have more to wade through than I ever will…haha.

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