sittin close –

feelin like this

beatin in the scene

can make every broken dream

beat back the black n blue.

all the colors

shine in the light

trippin in the views

when ya sit here makin me

feel like a state champion.

holdin hands like two side streets

turns us into a main street

central park theme –

turnin back make believe –

cause your sittin here sayin,

it’s all about us

trippin in this very scene,

where the street lights shine

in the night,

where our kiss

is just the right touchdown

trippin on us in lovers lane.








every storm in the middle

of thunder n lightening

begins to fade away

when ya been slapped around.

though the stinging long gone,

deep thorns remain.

just put your face

facing the breeze,

and its gonna take that down in the dumps,

same ole same –

helluva ride survival pain –

better get on outta here,

cause there is something more

with your name on it.

gotta get that mixture right.

lights may be down,

turn on your amp –

forget about feelin

like a tumble weed

blowin across the desert sand.

second chances will come pouring

round the bend once again.

give a chase

to a new found girl,

cause it’s better

than having a whiskey

in the hand.

times a wasting –

it’s bumper to bumper –

don’t feel like it’s your last.

hold on to the gets you close

kinda feel in engine sparks.

cause she’s all lightening

made of honey,

when she sits beside ya

around the town square.




she’s a hard workin

country hustlin

dixie chic with sweet smokin fire –

stronger than a heart

of a dead end boyfriend.

she’s a quiet one,

but her wheels

spin deeper than

than her eyes let on.

cause hittin the road

to some city,

where heavens down home girl

worked night time at the Padparadscha –

better than hangin around

a six pack drinkin man

sittin on some back porch.

learned nothings stronger

than backyard lessons

showin toughness criss-crossed

across her heart,

in that nobody

ever knew that

her cheap sunglasses

disquised flyin high heels

drivin this dixie queen

in the vegas strip lights.


i’m in deep,

everythin about ya

over at the lake,

has me fallin into the picture

just wanting that shimmer

come across these dashboard lights,

cause these wheels

with ya in the sun,

seems like it was the perfect

place of the moment

when ya took my hand

that played re-wind in my mind.

can’t help thinkin,

don’t let the solar rays go down

on this heart’s country new found blossom,

cause it’s been a long time comin

wantin to unfold

when your givin this hillbilly

thinkin hammock big enough

to drift into somethin deep

with a little music

in poetry ripples

chiming the ringtone lane

in the sensual sways

on a hot summer night.


it seems basic –

that need if ya build on it,

that matter of essence

in all the right ways,

is like a little rhyme

doin a little do sa do

with a slide like glide

in the promenade

with a gal named margaret –

got me thinkin,

it’s all about the big picture.

so if she likes a smooth,

gotta get back to basics

kind of guy,

it may lead

to everything in the nitty gritty.




it is here

that I hear

the mixolydian rhythm

in that of true flamenco

with her dancin in a pretty dress.

she was like a fruit

from a tree –

sweet on the veranda

drippin in maturity

in the expressives.

sweepin and rhythmic movements

dancin in air,

leavin me a concept

to choreograph words

as a like soloist

in music of the body.


melancholy drippin –

pocket watch telling me,

that shiftin gears

is all about

not what is handed to you,

but openin the windows

to crank in a little life

to get across the hills.

nothin is automatic,

it’s only worth

waitin your turn,

cause she’s like art under the skin.

though i’m standin

in the rain,

she’s like mosaic

in the sun,

that leaves her intricate

spread in my head.


her eyes like ringtones

playin kiss me melodies

in a dip die clingin t-shirt.

the kind of girl

that will do

whatever it takes

movin tip top

on a saturday night

cuttin a fine figure

in those chasin

ripped cut off jeans.

she’s a lean on

take a sip slow kind of girl

and got it going on

just where beauty

can make ya wanna get a little closer

when she dropped by on this country night,

so that you’ll remember

take it slow.




sneakin past the barn

to the other side

of the sugar shack,

that wild eyed southern rose,

is just what this city boy is after.

there she was just sittin pretty

on the fence,

while I was scheming, dreamin and believin,

somethin only a full moon

might howl down some back road,

got me to thinkin how her cherry lips

was heaven’s delivery.

she was a hollywood stunner –

the best skinny dipper

you’re ever going to find

by this riverbank.


ever since ya walked in here –

sounds a little crazy,

but ya were the sweetest gal,

makin like speakers

thumpin in my head.

that’s the stuff,

give a little dance

in those frayed up holey jeans

on this saturday night

leavin jaw droppin moves.

can’t get enough of ya

when i’m lost in your compass.

cause no matter what,

we’re really not that far apart

when i’m throwing words

in her ears,

that she’s sweeter than apple pie.