every storm in the middle

of thunder n lightening

begins to fade away

when ya been slapped around.

though the stinging long gone,

deep thorns remain.

just put your face

facing the breeze,

and its gonna take that down in the dumps,

same ole same –

helluva ride survival pain –

better get on outta here,

cause there is something more

with your name on it.

gotta get that mixture right.

lights may be down,

turn on your amp –

forget about feelin

like a tumble weed

blowin across the desert sand.

second chances will come pouring

round the bend once again.

give a chase

to a new found girl,

cause it’s better

than having a whiskey

in the hand.

times a wasting –

it’s bumper to bumper –

don’t feel like it’s your last.

hold on to the gets you close

kinda feel in engine sparks.

cause she’s all lightening

made of honey,

when she sits beside ya

around the town square.



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