floating down a cold

slow moving river

seemingly in its calmness

can in fact take a turn

for the worse.

eyes distracted on the beauty

of the trees on each side.

then it happens,

you hit a log –

it tips you over.

that water is extremely sensitive

to your skin.

it leaves you sputtering,

your temperament and personality

start to show.

it’s like that in the real world

when it comes to your extreme sensitivity

in our economy an culture.

these bumps in life

causes duress to get upstream.

put it in context –

reduce the impact –

keep an eye out

to feel better and get clear headed.

recognize a humbling wonderful truth –

find a new river !!



respectability not adhered to,

nor a respectable job

leaves you distinguished.

kicked around until that significant shift

becomes straight ahead renegade

in it’s restless creative.

changes in the mood –

settle down

in dominate feels –

leaves like full body –

cause this variety brings life.

all out heartbreak

focusing on the basics

in this bringing a big heart

sound different each time session

with tequila working

to feel like somebody.


thinking poetry and life –

working them ups

so frilly and nice.

then thinking metaphorically –

bald eagle soaring

in the sky –

oh so american it is !!

all that soaring

only led back to an empty nest.

dreams – they are just a blur

exposed by the author.

Come one, come all to the poetry celebration

a good read for all poets !!


While on vacation in a foreign country, you get lost on the seedy side of town. An unsavory character approaches and sticks a gun in your ribs. Naturally, you assume he’s robbing you. But it becomes eminently clear the deranged fellow has other designs when he asks, “Why should anyone care about literature?” You’re about to respond when he snarls, “Choose your words carefully – your life depends on it!”

Obviously, this is pure claptrap on my part – robbers want your money, not your musings. Still, I think the scenario poses an interesting question for debate: Does literature have the power to save lives?

Porphyrias-Lover2Flashback to the winter of 1990, at a private Catholic college in Upstate, New York: a walk-on baseball player whose look is punctuated by a brown leather jacket and a Mohawk, slumps, hungover, in the back row of Victorian Lit class. Academically adrift and one…

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rub here for an unstoppable booster

layered like best friends –

an infusion duo invite

to add personality

for a tiered inspired room

almost too perfect

in shades of like ice cream swirls

in a anything goes styling gig,

like a fashion accessory shoot.

curious nooks matter

when something is definitely missing,

so i wanted to give her

something happy to look at.





amidst the peaceful

sounds of the sea,

a tailored escape

in that of body inspired paint –

kinda like a beach

wanna do it in the ripples –

a real deal,

in all so tropical.

if you can’t trust your vision

with the sun glaring

through an iced filled drink,

then the ultimate beach

get the picture

inside story of beautiful whispers

of a woman in your ear,

then it wouldn’t be a cute picture.



she laid on her side

like a question mark

in the early morning,

there as she looked at the window

with it slightly opened,

a songbird appeared

and began to sing.

she was thrilled,

but yet depressed

with so many questions

running through her mind.

she couldn’t move,

though completely mesmerized

with  st. patrick’s day here and gone.

that still got the blues

with that songbird

battled back and forth

until the sounds

bridged the two

until she felt

nothing like being

in a mild up and down freefall

that shutdown the hanging on blues,

so effectively punctuated –




i direct my attention

to the zero gravity whoopie

and drift away

into the regions

of the gateway of my mind

and think like expanding

beyond a teenage

popularity fever like dream …

relax into the heart mind sync,

and get ready to float

into incredible ascents.

love’s funhouse is to be spacious –

not harnessed by societies

first few glimpses of her in the eternal.

this get like – get some sense

feel like all into the movements

of exploratory summer breezes

to get all the clues

in the power of aspirations

as if their were no ceilings.

seeing like into floating soft summersaults

into each other –

fully and completely,

and yet still softly

mindful of each others sensitivities,

so thoughtful in the mental massages

forever and ever

to define the real gravity dream

to where i can burst into her like a beautiful scene ….


hope you get current with me

in the rehearsals

to keep it playing deep

in the keep an eye

more than first time impressions,

cause i’m not into any of that

easy come easy go

hard to understand

out of hand,

make me wanna lose my mind

everything somewhere in the gutter.

but when i ride

around in your sun,

it makes a pretty good day

when i came up for air –

feeling jamaican honeymoon

as if your touch

was all oil all over my skin.