sailin across the sea

from the old world

tangled in no where to be

to a new world

hittin the land

with pilgrim eyes,

believin in there’s a chance

settlin in for that country sunset.

cause this heart

back in the old world,

was like a rust belt shuttin down

in some pencil vania town.

nothing like a little you

blowin in the very chance i get,

cause to pour it on too fast

without a slow country sound

is what thinkin into what she’s thinkin

has me leanin on her ledge,

while she’s lookin pretty

in the moves,

like a college major

spendin time reapplyin

love to run through her fingers,

cause she knows a man

can whisper soft farm town lines

into what she likes,

leavin attention getting signs.

cause writing these lyrics

in through your windows breeze,

is a helluva lot better,

when the candles upstairs

begin to burn

with your sweet tea

runnin through my fingers

till i almost cried

into believin in your new world.


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