he’s got a beat up cavalier,

but his breath tells a different story.

in that rearview mirror,

it’s kickin up dusty trails

from a life

barely hangin on.

crankin up a tune

with a banjo tasting country,

leavin his fingers

wantin to fingerpick

the way it was with the moon

chasin a gust of wind

over towering hills,

leavin that get lonesome

wish to be stop it feelin

on this ole dirt road

the moment i gotta different kind of high

that couldn’t come apart till the mornins

gettin great way beyond

three carot peddlin dream,

cause that aint what it’s about,

unless its gettin warmer into her believin

i’m playin the right ball

in her league

from some down home

cuttin a trail kinda country boy

playin the words

to keep her feelin it’s all about her spotlight

on this lazy through the fields

in her summertime sexy in a light breeze.


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