it’s a reach

to get to the deepest

part of anythin –

the bottom of a hill;

the bottom of a page,

never thought a country song

gettin to inner depths

inside the workin factory

chasin them better days,

cause pussyfootin in hard times

around them cold rains,

is like a little gas

barely gettin me by,

but a little sugar in the tank

can get me a long way

in hookin that sugar honey,

cause these bones

coyote howlin in a full moon runnin

by the waters spring

with a little shimmer

dancin upon every little ripple

left forever crazy

in too deep,

believin its all about changes

feelin like somebody

that couldn’t let go,

in i’ll be just fine

discoverin every little thing

like a mountain man

in every bottoms up imaginable.





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