there is no

ra ra like a cheerleader

sittin on my shoulders,

but on this day,

sure could use a little

of her art

sendin them die hard signals

like a video sneak peak

in that two of us

is better than one

creatin them no limits

in whatever we wanna do

is so like marmalade

when she turns me

wild eyed in her butter

with a smile so like maple syrup.


    • brit….i’m going to cover all your comments from the 3 ya left for me. I am delighted in all of them. ya have helped make me feel alive, and I certainly need that these days. it’s nice that I was able to bring out a smile :))

  1. I love this! I love the pep in it, and the way it wants the cheerleader to rouse the narrator. I also love the metaphors at the end that really appeal to the sweet tooth, with the marmalade and syrup. I love it. It seemed like you were cheering for the muse to return, and I think she did!

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