i direct my attention

to the zero gravity whoopie

and drift away

into the regions

of the gateway of my mind

and think like expanding

beyond a teenage

popularity fever like dream …

relax into the heart mind sync,

and get ready to float

into incredible ascents.

love’s funhouse is to be spacious –

not harnessed by societies

first few glimpses of her in the eternal.

this get like – get some sense

feel like all into the movements

of exploratory summer breezes

to get all the clues

in the power of aspirations

as if their were no ceilings.

seeing like into floating soft summersaults

into each other –

fully and completely,

and yet still softly

mindful of each others sensitivities,

so thoughtful in the mental massages

forever and ever

to define the real gravity dream

to where i can burst into her like a beautiful scene ….

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