Come one, come all to the poetry celebration

a good read for all poets !!


While on vacation in a foreign country, you get lost on the seedy side of town. An unsavory character approaches and sticks a gun in your ribs. Naturally, you assume he’s robbing you. But it becomes eminently clear the deranged fellow has other designs when he asks, “Why should anyone care about literature?” You’re about to respond when he snarls, “Choose your words carefully – your life depends on it!”

Obviously, this is pure claptrap on my part – robbers want your money, not your musings. Still, I think the scenario poses an interesting question for debate: Does literature have the power to save lives?

Porphyrias-Lover2Flashback to the winter of 1990, at a private Catholic college in Upstate, New York: a walk-on baseball player whose look is punctuated by a brown leather jacket and a Mohawk, slumps, hungover, in the back row of Victorian Lit class. Academically adrift and one…

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