if i were an onion,

ya could peel me

layer after layer.

what ya mind find

would be quite the surprise.

ya would find that i was quite introverted.

those layers

are there for protection,

cause stereotypes of my kind

are easily mis-understood.

i withdraw from traumatic experiences

because i feel safer on the inside

then i do on the outside.

the theme here

is that i’m mentally ill.

but if ya take a knife

and slice me right in half –

even i might cry.



11 responses to “TAKES SOME TIME TO HURT

  1. Well said. We live in a world that prefers extroverts. People need to learn to slowly work through the layers of people instead of expecting everyone to wear their heart on their sleeve.

    • This is off the stabbing of 22 students. I get so sick and tired of non emotional people that think its our types that do that kind of thing. I’d like to see some real figures in the penal system on the breakdown on personality types housed there. The problem probably is when its off the wall its our type that hits with it. Thanks for responding TK.

      • The introvert, by definition, is not quick to be put on the spot or to speak out. They aren’t as likely to make their intentions known. As such, people feel like they don’t understand them, which causes fear.

        I just wish people respected introverts more. I once went to this church. In the bulletin, they had a special group for introverts. It was aimed at showing them that they were valued just as they are. I’m sure that one group won’t change a lot, but I appreciated their attempt to reach out to a group of people who are too often made to feel like outcasts in the hopes of making them feel at home.

  2. you are completely about not being put on the spot now if you put highly sensitive person along with being introverted can add quite the wrinkle. say like things are relatively calm and then add a traumatic experience then the combination of the two will start to process things and then eventually the emotions spill out in the form of truth. some just don’t like the truth. but I suppose they like the truth if it is away from them.

    it’s good to hear that about that church reaching out like that. my aim is to eventually go to a spiritualist church. the people that go there have great intuition. it’s a two fold experience – lots of reading leads to lots of writing in producing feels of which can lead to be being a medium or psychic. personally it is my hunch that an introvert would thrive being something like that.

  3. Very powerful poem, Don. Most writers (especially poets) are introverts. They absorb all they see without much comment, but then let it out on the page after they process it and attempt to make sense of it. I think the world needs more introverts!

    • the world does need more introverts. if there were more introverts that would be great. however I have an extra edge as i’m a highly sensitive person. that is really where the feel comes from. thanx for the great comment.

  4. Accepting yourself, or who you’re really is the best thing you can do for yourself in the current world where we’re dwelling. It’s like most of the people are wondering or thinking too much about others life rather than about themselves. That’s totally a shitty attitude, you know?

    – Rahul

    • that’s true Rahul. it took this life altering event to find my inner being. but it was the factors on the outside that pulled me inward. I’ve now found my spiritual place. it’s growing everyday. but sometimes one has to take a beating over and over again to get there.

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