expression of life –

ultimate power of attraction

in the art

of visual vibrations

through channeling emotions

in the setting sails of my inner being.

newfound source of energy

in the feeling of proud,

easily directs new sensitives

in feelgood eagerness –

simply giving it more attention.

pure desires in new directional guides,

indeed run across my mind,

molding a new life experience

in every creative power attraction.


  1. I always love how your poems have that special quality of speaking in two different ways. It always feels personal, yet universal; the lines read as separate statements and yet work together as well. Here, I love how the poem uses language in a playful, almost teasing way. Bravo!

    • you pick up on my style pretty easy….that’s the intent for sure. language should be playful and have a good tease in it. I learned from what I’ve observed all these years. thanx for good vibe on the comment.

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