what is about to come, some of you have seen my poem. but this comes with a bit more heat behind it.

all bad cops and bad attorneys and other like professionals must go.

do i got your attention yet? i sure will.

i found this excerpt out of an article online. it concerns the kid that stabbed 22 in Pittsburgh PA.

“In incident after incident, when you start peeling back the onion, you find there were some indicators, there certainly were some issues. But it takes some time to find,” said Ken Trump, president of National School Safety and Security Services….
“Often times, it’s not the kid who’s the class
clown or acting out the most, but the kid who’s changed, who’s turned more introverted or withdrawn,” he said. “I think the one consistent theme across all of these is mental health.”

my poem here:


if i were an onion,
ya could peel me
layer after layer.
what ya mind find
would be quite the surprise.
ya would find that i was quite introverted.
those layers
are there for protection,
cause stereotypes of my kind
are easily mis-understood.
i withdraw from traumatic experiences
because i feel safer on the inside
then i do on the outside.
the theme here
is that i’m mentally ill.
but if ya take a knife
and slice me right in half –
even i might cry.
what is the personality of the guy that rapes a woman? what if that one does it 10 times before he gets caught. why do they always pick on our kind? that kid came from a good family. I come from a good family, but I’ve been traumatized for almost a year and half with my situation. it’s caused duress in my family. there isn’t much hope in society if you are highly sensitive, highly introverted and bi-polar. it’s a good thing I can put a life into poetry because my personality trait has no chance in my society.

the ultimate statement comes now – – – – you never want to get falsely accused of something you didn’t do.

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