i’m a tough guy

with nothing but a cement foundation.

it’s kinda like

the back of my book.

there is no wall

and no roof.

all you can find

are my individual poems

page after page

without a binder.

when it’s winter,

you know it’s cold

in north east pa,

and i’m vulnerable

to the conditions.

when spring time comes,

it’s re-incarnating time again

to add more layers in life

just like I am right now

to show growth in the word.

but when summertime hits,

the sun keeps me warm,

but never a smile

to coincide true happiness.

as fall approaches,

I keep shedding words,

and the winds,

they ruffle my pages

when I lay new poems down on the others.

it makes me wonder

how mother nature

is so involved in my life.

it’s a spiritual place

no doubt about it.

I forgot to tell you

that I pull off leaves

that are so green

and so smooth

to the feel it can mimic

the poems that I write.

this tree from the birth

of its leaves

is now bare and it’s not even winter.

I’ve had so much to say.

the poems need a front cover

and maybe it’s just flat out time

that the tree needs to be cut down

and sent to the mill,

after all these poems

are an all get out

in the weather related conditions

to give this a great looking cover.


some things never change.
can’t escape all the pain
on the outside
going round in circles.
i should have known
that every goodbye
comes only in strength numbers.
i still can’t help
that i gotta keep cryin,
cause without your eyes
in those sparklin blues
left me without a cure
to get hurt all over again.
all i can do is keep
wanderin in the wanderin –
kinda like dreamin
day after night
and wastin every breath
i ever had for ya.
i’ll never get
a chance to tell ya
what i really meant to say,
cause every star
i had with your name on it
became just another shooting star.


it takes a while …

sometimes a long while.

maybe what was needed

were two candles

placed on the dining room table.

underneath the table cloth

became like foundation

on top of the maple made table.

somethin can be said

about the grains and smooth finish

that is now covered –

it’s not altogether visible,

but the legs sure are.

foundations –

they start from the ground up.

it’s all about discoverin the groove.

be like make her

all about being a hot spot

in her all out country atmosphere.

accomplish that –

she’ll be right there

at the table,

knowin full well

you got her

sipping your wine

because of your fermented

just right hit the spot in the lines

leavin wanna all that gotta lovin

in all the bylines

from a country drivin

pennsylvanian get her respect

in the ink all out –

hard to sit back

knowin love is a special kind of –

wait on her terms kind of attraction.